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Doris Edwards, Founder and Director of

MS Micro Solutions SARL, Geneva, Switzerland

I have tons of years of experience as Entrepreneur, Adult Trainer and New Technologies expert.

All my clients are "Busy Professionals" : entrepreneurs, big multinational companies, international organisations.

The future belongs to self-starters who are smart about keeping their knowledge current!

Certified Adult Trainer - Geneva University

Master Trainer -  Hewlett-Packard Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute (MEA-I)

Certified Tester -  International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL)

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Microsoft Office MOUS Master

CTT+ Certified Technical Trainer (CompTIA)

Network+ Certified Technician (CompTIA)


I chose Rikki-tikki-tavi as my company's emblem not only because I like the magic of his story but also because Rikki's character inspires me. Me and my team, we strive to transpose his enthusiastic, lively attitude to our business and the way we treat our clients.

Rikki is strong and loyal, protective and supportive. We feel strong because we continuously maintain our skills and have years of experience. We want to be loyal to our customers - and to ourselves - and nurture long-term relationships. We are protective and supportive when dealing with Office users. The motto of all the mongoose family is: "run and find out" ! - like Rikki, we have a strong desire to help and be friendly.

Since 1980, MS Micro Solutions SARL has witnessed many novelties and adopted the ones that make sense. Our customers stay with us for many years and gladly refer our services to others.


MS Micro Solutions Srl
28, chemin des Longs-Prs
CH 1233 Bernex-Lully


+41 22 757 48 57
+41 79 251 41 20

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